Twilight Photography Check List

Scheduling a “Twilight Photo Shoot” for your  home/property is a great idea to help set your property apart in this competitive real estate market. Twilight is a beautiful time for photographing homes in a unique light and helps your home stand out from the others in your area/price range. I am a natural light specialist and do not use artificial lighting on the exteriors making the time period for the actual photos is very SHORT. That is the reason for this note as it will help things go much smoother if you know what I will be doing and what I will need from  you.

Unless we have done the interior photos prior to this appointment I usually arrive about 2 hours before sunset. The two hours prior gives me the necessary time to do the interior photos and prepare for the exterior twilights. I will turn on all lights as I go through and shoot the interiors and the lights will need to remain on until dark. The reason for this is we want the light inside to flow/glow out the windows for the exterior photos. I will be opening window blinds and placing lamps in certain areas for optimum “glow”.

I like to water down certain parts of the exterior to help make a wonderful shiny/reflective surface. Things like driveways, walkways, patios, decks, pool area including rock outcroppings and or waterfalls. So it is necessary to have a couple of hoses handy, usually one in the front and one in the back. I do carry a 100ft of hose if extra is needed. It is also important to check the timer on your sprinkler system to make sure the sprinklers are not coming on during the photo shoot. My equipment does not work well when wet 🙂

We will need ALL EXTERIOR LIGHTING on 1/2 hour prior to dusk. Something that would be helpful from you is to check all your exterior bulbs a couple of days before our appointment. It never fails that there is at least one or two bulbs burnt out that you miss in your day to day living. You may also want to check the low voltage landscape lighting as well and if those lights are on a timer please make sure the timer is set for the proper time prior to dusk. Your exterior lighting plays a critical part as far as the end result for the images we want to create.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me directly.

Thank You,
Karan Thompson

Karan Thompson Photography
Cell: 916-947-2197